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Wedding Photography

We, at Talking Pictures, photograph each wedding as if it’s a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end to be told for years to come. Our ultimate goal is to capture the most beautiful emotions and the joy of the moments in best possible way. We are committed to excellence in whatever we do and we sure know how to make a woman shine the brightest as a bride. If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Thrissur and Ernakulam, look no further than Talking Pictures.

Wedding Videography

We are placed among top Videographers just because of our quality work, creative ideas and affordable prices. Whether it is pre-wedding videography or Wedding Videography, our team of professional videographers is loaded with thousands of new ideas and latest equipment. Client satisfaction was the main objective in all our projects which in return makes us leader in the field of wedding videography.

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Candid Photography

This current trend in photography provides freedom of expression. Here the subject of the photograph does not gets any prep time so the captured moments are 100% natural. Talking Pictures ensures that our candid wedding photography preserves every precious memory for a lifetime. We follow an approach in which we shoot your wedding moments as we are making an interesting story with very unique prospective, that is how we are able to create a difference in our photography in wedding occasions.

Helicam Photography

Helicam photography for weddings is getting more and more popular. We Talking Pictures spent hours researching what would be the best flying camera drone that could get high up in the air and take beautiful photos and video of your special day.We Have the Best team for helicam shoots In Thrissur.

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Video Editing

Our goal is to give you timeless videos. To us that means crisp images with beautiful, lush color. However, we also recognize the fun in keeping up with current trends, which is why we offer video Editings. These options will give a selection of your Video shots an “of the moment” feel while still providing you with your day caught in true-to-life color.

Live Streaming

Talking Pictures captures your wedding proceedings and streams it LIVE on an exclusive wedding website and Facebook. We have two options between our services. We have a proven track record of our quality of streaming. We have crossed 1,00,000 minutes of streaming special moments. We would be happy to provide any sample streaming prior to your wedding on request. So start sharing your special moments online.

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Live Video Mixing

Talking pictures using advanced Technologies for live video Mixing the marriages.
enhanced Technologies helps to convert the video file into HD and stored on Video on Demand. Talking Pictures giving best price to Live video mixing for marriage .

Live Photo Printing

Be it your wedding, Talking Pictures provides ‘Live’ photography and printing solutions by our experienced photographers, merging technology and photography to create the most memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.We use lights in the most creative and effective way which surpasses most in the industry. At LiveMoments, making you and your guests look awesome is all that matters.

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LED Tv & Projector

Talking pictures offer a variety of video projector & LED TVs to fit your needs. With either of the front or rear projection screens.

LED Wall

When looking into hiring an LED screen for a wedding event or concert, people sometimes neglect to consider whether the piece they are hiring is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.we are using separate screens for indoor and outdoor. When you really want to make an impact, something out of the norm is a great way to hire talking pictures.

Outdoor wedding photography in Kerala

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Jib Camera

Talking pictures offer a variety of jib cameras to fit your needs. By our experienced photographers, merging technology and photography to create the most memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

Album Design

Your wedding day is the most beautiful and special day of your life. And, we at Talking Pictures will help preserve your precious memories forever. We create beautiful photo books and wedding albums so that you can recall your wedding day and experience same joy and happiness again. The key to an amazing picture is that the photographer captures all the right moments at the right time from the right angle. And this is what we do at Talking pictures.

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Multi Camera Live Event Shoot

Highly Recommended for Most Weddings. When you choose multi-camera coverage, you can rest assured that our professionals will get the best shot. While it is possible to cover weddings with a single videographer, a team is better suited for the task.Our videographers will self-establish goals, and divide tasks while at your wedding. That means better coverage for the main events, but also Better Audio, More Detail Shots,More Candid Footage, More Artistic Shots, and a Higher Quality Viewing Experience.

Bulk CD Copying / DVD Writing Services

We have Bulk CD Copying / DVD writing services in thrissur,kerala,kochi,cochin,ernakulam,calicut,palakkad.

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4K & Full HD Cameras

For wedding and Event photography the camera that works beautifully is the 4K and HD cameras . it’s a magic machine that can freeze moments into beautiful memories ! Talking Pictures have the best HD Cameras and Equipments to capture the best moments in your Life